UX design

User Experience (UX) refers to the design of digital experiences, and any interaction a customer or user has with your product, website and brand.

UX Design looks at every element that shapes their experience, how it makes them feel and behave, and ultimately how easy it is for them to accomplish any desired tasks or actions. 


Our UX design services include:

  1. User research, interviews and expert review
  2. Design sprints to uncover new ideas and opportunities
  3. Day zero workshops for goal setting and strategy 
  4. Experience mapping, rapid prototyping and usability testing 
  5. Content design, service design and art direction 

We can help you

  1. Map your customer experience from end-to-end on and offline 
  2. Define where UX Design will have the greatest impact on your business
  3. Augment with your existing design and technology leaders to create and execute a plan 
  4. Help coach and train your people to leave them self-sufficient

How we do it

We take a Product Thinking approach to our work. This means we:

  • Do the right thing – We have a team of over 20 generalist and specialist designers that work across content design, UI, design strategy, design research, ideation, brand development and rapid prototyping.
  • Do the thing right – Our design discipline is totally flexible to the needs of our client partners, whether they are looking for new ideas to disrupt their market, or a solid partner to build out their new front end design implementation.
  • Do it together – We work in multidisciplinary product teams, which means that UX design always has a place at the table. We can work in collaboration with your internal development teams to replace existing customer experiences or can sit within one of our own cross-disciplinary teams where designers, front end developers and engineers look at problems together.

Choose Code because

Our Design Studio is one of just eight Global Design partners for the BBC, and we’ve helped some of the UK’s most successful organisations with their UX. 

Added to this, we sit within product teams, meaning that we’re right next to the people that we need to be. 

This approach means that UX informs product design, build and deployment throughout.

Making change for our partners

We love working with forward-thinking organisations that are eager to evolve.

We’ll help you see through the fog and join you on your journey to digital brilliance. 

Need support with UX design?

Knowing the right approach and then executing in the right way isn’t easy. Whatever your need, we’ll be happy to give you the right advice and explore how we can best help.

Help us understand what you need by filling out the form and we’ll be in touch.

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