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Events, talks and meet ups

March 4

Manchester Grey Hats - Workshop

7:00pm - 9:00pm Code ComputerLove

Software Defined Radio - Hacking radio devices

March 10

Design Sprint Manchester

6:00pm - 8:00pm Code ComputerLove

Design Sprint Horror Stories - Come listen to newbies and pros alike who’ll share their horror stories, and get expert input on how we could have better prepared for or handled these scenarios.

How to find us

The main entrance is on Dale street. For events after 6 pm follow the instructions below:

  1. You know where Fred Aldous is, right? You’re best to start there.
  2. Walk round the Sevendale House building, past Soup Kitchen onto Spear Street.
  3. About half way down the street, you’ll find a large, locked gate – that’s us! Your event organiser will be able to provide you with access to our office from there.

Code Computerlove Ltd
Sevendale House
Dale St, Manchester, M1 1JA

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