We've partnered with manufacturers, dealer groups and finance providers for over 25 years to accelerate their digital capabilities.

Acceleration = force divided by mass

Right now there's plenty force acting on an industry of significant mass.

The car industry has arguably not seen such change since Henry Ford's days. It's a dizzying pace of change but one that provides opportunity for those that embrace it and spend time to think what could be next.

From brand and storytelling challenges around the adoption of EV to CX and technology upgrades required to deliver a modern retailing experience demanded by new generations, car makers and sellers have their hands full.

We can help you

Understand your customers

We use diverse research methods, such as diary studies and work shadowing, to uncover insights that reveal pressing problems and vital opportunities. These insights help fuel the creation of successful brands, standout features, and transformative retail experiences.

Integrate new technology

MACH principles help guide our clients towards a clearer Technical North Star, and we're experienced in building API integration layers to work with BCA, DVLA and various payment gateways. We've also created web-app customer and employee portals and headless customer websites, always looking for the lightest possible touch and the heaviest possible impact.

Up-skill your teams

Nothing great can happen without great teams. We are happy to take a project on and deliver, but the best projects are where we also leave a legacy for growth. Our discipline leaders across agile, technical due-diligence, human-centred design and conversion can help train your people and leave you self-sufficient.

Improve your bottom line

Our experimentation programmes have increased conversion and added millions of incremental revenue. We've also made money through organisational change, for example, creating customer self-service platforms and sales exec portals that free up time and have added 5% to the bottom line of one of our partners.

Partner stories

Why choose Code?

Thinkers and makers 

As makers, thinkers and coaches, we transform through doing together. By deeply understanding your motivations, goals and ambitions, we can assess where to create new experiences with the most significant impact and commercial return.

Big picture, to laser focus

Being people first ensures we can realise maximum value and embed change in the long term, both inside and out. From the products you build and services you provide to the skills needed internally to deliver them.

Insight, ideas and impact

With 25 years of heritage spanning human-centred design and modern engineering practices, our product mindset and lean approach ensure we make a difference where it matters most.
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