Build agile, scalable and secure platforms

Is your technology platform hindering forward progress as a business, or slowing you down? 

We recognise that day to day actions, priorities and business drivers can often impact technical systems

A thorough Technical Diligence & North Star process benchmarks your current platforms against industry best practices, and creates a shared technical vision across your organisation.

Our engineering philosophy

  • Use the right tools for the right jobs
  • Architectural separation & loose coupling​
  • Increased security through decoupling/isolation​
  • Refactor to remove system dependencies & blockers​
  • Performance budgeting​
  • Rapid feedback and quality assurance​
  • DevOps forces automated processes​
  • In-built monitoring

Why you need it

Loosely coupled technical architectures and modern execution enable an agile future – but sometimes businesses accidentally paint themselves into a corner with a Built-Bust-Rebuild Cycle. 

Outputs from a TDD & North Star include: 

  • A shared awareness of the as-is state at all levels of the business
  • A view of how much risk you are carrying, and if any areas of your software or processes have been overlooked or missed entirely
  • Discovery of any critical items that can be understood and dealt with
  • A technical north star strategy that everyone understand and is aligned to
  • Demonstrate how you can make the first few steps and continue to iterate towards your North Star

How we do it

The Technical Due Diligence and North Star processes are performed by our industry-leading Platform Development capability, including our Technical Director and Principal level Consultants across Software Engineering, Front End Engineering and DevOps.  

We immerse ourselves across your technical landscape, delivering a comprehensive output that is easily communicated across technical and non-technical audiences. 

The Technical Due Diligence process takes within 4 weeks, and 2-4 weeks for a the Technical North Star process.

What we believe in

By using modern decoupled architecture, you can create business agility, scalability and long term technical sustainability for your digital products.

We adopt a relentless focus on value for our clients, and apply a simple, lean methodology to everything we do, working through regular cycles to keep on iterating, improving and moving on.

We take a Product Thinking approach to our Software Engineering and Web Development, which means we do the right thing, do it the right way and do it together. 

We also provide a range of technical consultancy & coaching services to skill your internal teams with a range of product fundamentals across:

  • Software/Team Leadership
  • Software Engineering
  • Front End Engineering
  • Agile Test / QA
  • DevOps & InfoSec

Technical partners to ambitious digital businesses

Whether we’re supporting on technical north star and architecture, or helping with the user experience, we’ve worked with brilliant businesses creating world class digital products.

Why Code?



We’re ethical in the way we communicate about problems and solutions. Lots of agencies simply sell the same solution each time – tech first, low cost, low engineering quality. We enable your business to become adaptable by giving you long-term, strategic technical solutions.



We won’t knock out a cheap CMS website which leaves you needing to go back to the market in two years’ time looking for a new website. We provide sustainable solutions which reduce the risk of repetitive boom and bust cycles.



We connect CMOs and CTOs, and improve your internal capabilities, so you can make more informed decisions about the long-term benefits of architecting and engineering your technology platforms.



We engineer, we don’t just build. Our coding standards ensure our products are secure, robust, scalable and adaptable. Not many engineering houses can claim this.


Is your technology slowing you down, complex, hard to change or not understood across the business?

Speak to our Technical Director, Dave, about how we could help solve your biggest tech challenges. 

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Dave Heath

Technical Director