Technical Due Diligence & North Star

Benchmark your technical stack against best practices and create a shared vision that underpins your business strategy.

We can help you

Create a clear technical vision

Visualise your tech roadmap, how it can start, iterate and evolve whilst implementing a clear set of architectural pillars to uphold.

Future-proof your business

Software systems need to be able to pivot as your business grows and market shifts. We'll help you solve tech problems across your organisation's landscape and customer's wider touchpoints.

Augment your team

If your business has in-house capabilities, we can pair, coach and pass on our high standards of software engineering, development, agile testing and DevOps to your team.

Build scalable and sustainable products

By using modern decoupled architecture, you can create business agility, scalability and long term technical sustainability for your digital products.

Our engineering philosophy

Use the right tools for the right jobs
Architectural separation and loose coupling
Increased security through decoupling/isolation
Refactor to remove system dependencies and blockers
Performance budgeting and in-built monitoring
Rapid feedback and quality assurance

Let’s get started

Just a few ways we could start working with you, depending on your budget and timescales.

North Star Strategy

2 – 4 weeks
Create a clear tech vision that aligns and underpins against your business strategy. Visualise your roadmap, how it can start and evolve whilst implementing a set of architectural pillars to uphold.

Due Diligence

4 weeks
An expert review of your technical landscape. We'll benchmark your current platforms against industry best practices and assess your maturity, health, risks and identify areas of improvement.

Technical Consultancy

6 months
Perform maturity and capability assessments across Software and Front End, DevOps, and improve your teams capability through bespoke workshops from our industry technical leaders.

Our work

Helping build better digital experiences

Whether it’s a short-term tactical engagement or a more permanent product partnership, we’ll form a small dedicated team around your needs. The word “client” feels a bit weird to us – when we say we work together with you, we really mean it.

Why choose Code?


We’re ethical in the way we communicate about problems and solutions. Lots of agencies simply sell the same solution each time – tech first, low cost, low engineering quality. We enable your business to become adaptable by giving you long-term, strategic technical solutions.


We won’t knock out a cheap CMS website which leaves you needing to go back to the market in two years’ time looking for a new website. We provide sustainable solutions which reduce the risk of repetitive boom and bust cycles.


We engineer, we don’t just build.  Our coding standards ensure our products are secure, robust, scalable and adaptable.  Not many engineering houses can claim this.

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