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What makes a Computerlover?

We build teams from all kinds of people: thinkers, writers, talkers, makers, analysts, inventors and more. People who work hard, work together and get things done. Ultimately, company culture is what really matters – find out what makes a Computerlover.

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We are a Great Place to Work®

We’re proud to be a certified Great Place to Work® – a globally recognised benchmark for employers offering outstanding employee experiences.
4.3 star rating on glassdoor.

It's not all about work

We’re committed to your development and your role in improving our skills, approach and culture.

We offer an industry-leading benefits package and it’s something we care passionately about, continuously evolving them around the needs of our people.

Christmas off

Our studio is closed for the festive break – so don’t worry about saving your holiday allowance for between Christmas and New Year!

Birthday off

Enjoy your birthday with the gift of a day off work! We want you to relax and celebrate your big day.

Pension contribution

You will contribute at least 4% and we will contribute 6%

Monthly wellbeing allowance

We care about the wellbeing of our Computerlovers and offer a £25 monthly allowance to spend on anything else that aids your wellbeing.

Personal medical insurance

You can claim back up to £100 on dental, £100 on eye test, £400 on diagnostics and £250 on things like acupuncture.

Make Change Fridays

We dedicate 10% of our working week to personal development, improving ourselves or the world around us.

£500 training allowance

Each of our Computerlovers has a specific, individual, annual budget of £500 for their personal development and to improve or learn new skills.

Hybrid working

We understand the importance of a healthy work-life balance and we want to support our Computerlovers as much as possible to have just that.

Flexible bank holidays

We are a diverse group of people with different cultures, beliefs and identities. We let you swap your Bank Holiday days for a day of your choosing.

Charity day

We support giving back, so we will give you 1 day per year so you can support a charity and do your bit to help or give back.

Maternity & paternity leave

Depending on the length of service, we provide 3 months on full pay, the following 6 months at 50% salary and a 10% return to work bonus for the first 12 months when returning from maternity leave.

Headphones allowance

We’re happy to help meet the cost of those little extras that help you do your job better.

Christmas party abroad

Since 2000, we’ve always had our Christmas party abroad.  It’s a long-running tradition that we don’t want to break!

Bike and rail scheme

We pay for your bike and it’s deducted from your monthly salary, saving you money on the overall cost. The same applies to a rail pass – we can buy your season ticket for you and you pay monthly.


Inclusivity, collaboration and improvement

We embrace our diversity and differences, but all share the same values and beliefs.
How we work
Personal Development

Friday afternoons are dedicated to you

10% of our week is dedicated to our Computerlovers, with one objective – make change. We call this Make Change Fridays and there is only one rule. Use the time how you see fit, as long as you are developing yourself, your discipline or Code.

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