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Product Love: Introduction to Product Delivery


Society is changing fast. Technology is changing faster. And that makes customer behaviour hard to predict. How do we build teams that are resilient and adaptable enough to craft effective digital products in this often chaotic world?

This is much more than a leadership challenge; product teams are only at their best when everyone feels informed and empowered, equipped with the right tools, aligned around the right goals, and committed to collaboration.

What you’ll learn

  • How to manage multiple stakeholder/deliverable demands in a product team
  • How to deliver value through lean principles
  • What does a good product team look like?
  • Estimation – Why is it hard?
  • Delivery Methodologies – The differences between Waterfall, Scrum/Batch & Continuous Delivery
  • Team Maturity Model – Be aware of the 4 main stages of team maturity
  • Complexity & Process Control – How to use team data to improve relatability and inform future work
  • A selection of team routines to pick and chose from at different times of team maturity

Who’s it for

This session is not for advanced product practitioners but is intended for early-stage teams who are wanting to deepen their knowledge of the fundamentals of delivery within a product team environment.

You’ll get the most out of it by involving all team members – shared understanding is key for any high-performing team.

About Product Love

Product Love is an exciting series of events for digital product people, and anyone curious about product principles. With talks and workshops from experts at Code Computerlove and the wider product community, Product Love is a welcoming space to learn, connect and advance your craft.

Whether you’re a passionate product practitioner, or you’re just looking to evolve how you work, Product Love is (almost) all you need.

The Speakers

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Claire Kerley
Service Delivery Director
Dave Heath
Technical Director

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