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Product Love: From Product Thinking to Service Thinking


How our experience design team is evolving its practice to influence business strategy and organisational change

A two-part webinar series that journeys through our approach to Service Thinking and will cover:

  • How we’re evolving our design practice to influence business strategy and organisational change.
  • Methods and frameworks we use to deliver Service Thinking work, and examples of the types of programmes we have done.

Why Service Thinking?

Over the past few years, we have seen a huge shift in our partner and client needs – from designing digital journeys and user experiences to enabling organisations to deliver a service.

Because of this, we’re evolving and developing our practice to define what service design means at Code. With a clear focus on putting users at the heart of what we do, we can use design thinking principles to solve wider business and organisational problems.

About Product Love

Product Love is an exciting series of events for digital product people, and anyone curious about product principles. With talks and workshops from experts at Code Computerlove and the wider product community, Product Love is a welcoming space to learn, connect and advance your craft.

Whether you’re a passionate product practitioner, or you’re just looking to evolve how you work, Product Love is (almost) all you need.

The Speakers

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Colin Preston
Product & Service Design Director
Jess Sherratt
Head of UX

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