Brand and product vision

Looking beyond so you don't get left behind

The future is uncertain.

Now more than ever? It sure feels like it.

We can’t help you see through time, but we can help you describe the future you want to build.

First, a question.

What's the shared internal vision for your brand?

If you already know this off by heart and it doesn’t sound vague or uninspiring when you read it out, you can stop here.

If you’re not quite sure how to describe your long-term vision (or you’re not confident your teams could spell it out), stick with us…

A clear vision helps you...

Make an impact

To make a difference, your vision must be clear, compelling, and memorable.  People need to know what it means. They need to feel motivated by it. And they need to remember it – that’s how meaningful action happens.

No death by PowerPoint here – we promise.

Fuel effective teams

Vision helps teams prioritise, and also decide what not to do. It should also remind people there’s a bigger purpose to their work.

Cut through the noise

The opportunities are huge for brands that genuinely stand out. By painting a picture of the future that’s uniquely yours, you can build distinctiveness in your content and product day-to-day.

Clear your head

With your intentions stated for the mid to long term you can take a breath and be excited about the future. We all need a bit of that, right?

One secret door to brilliant brand experiences


BBC Sport

We are incredibly proud to be part of the global BBC UX&D roster working alongside seven other amazing agencies and our BBC partners.

Much of our work with the BBC exists in the imagination and provocation of potential futures space. For that reason, we can’t actually show you that much here, unfortunately!

The vision work we do alongside various teams at BBC takes research insights, strategic objectives and a good dose of acquired gut feel to paint pictures of a future state. These visions, in whatever artefact is appropriate, help guide and inspire product teams in combination with their day-to-day data informed product development.


JCT600 - family owned car dealership group

As client partner and agency, we’ve acquired loads of customer, market and performance insight allowing us to genuinely make good decisions. However, now we have a product vision for their digital experiences, which has taken the work to a new level. 

Combined with objectives and strategy, our vision helps to guide the types of experiences we create from the smallest interaction design to new features and ATL campaigns.

Crucially, the vision also allows us to decide what not to do if it doesn’t match where we want our vision to take us.


Bluestone - National Park Resort

Bluestone is a family-owned resort on the beautiful Pembrokeshire coastline. Code are partnering with Bluestone on a large scale digital transformation programme incorporating tech consultancy, org change and product development. 

Alongside that work we have helped the business to articulate what it is that makes Bluestone so special and how we might ensure that experience comes across as powerfully and consistently across all touchpoints as the on resort experience.

Brand vision or product vision?

Put simply, we tend to work with two types of vision: Brand and Product.

Brand vision

Articulating the ‘why’ of your brand. Why do you exist and what change do you want to bring about in the world?

Product vision

Defining your product’s purpose and emotional feel. What’s the long-term vision for your digital product, over and above standard metrics of success? What makes it different?

Your vision is just four small steps away

But it could be exactly what your business needs to take its next giant leap forward.

Research consolidation

1 week

Team workshops

1 day

Draft vision

3 days

Vision assets creation

1-2 weeks


Why choose Code?

We understand the problem

We’ve seen what happens when vision is missing, and we’ve learned more by surveying other organisations too. If you want some stats to show your boss, we’ve got a bunch of them in our post about how a clear product vision can drive and inspire your team.  

No word or pixel out of place

We’ll spend plenty of time making sense of your vision together, but then it’s time to turn it into something that stands the test of time. We’ll craft a presentation or video you can feel proud to show anyone in your organisation.

We’ve had a bit of practice

We’ve recently helped clients like JCT600, Bluestone and the BBC with exciting vision work.


We know this vision stuff can sometimes sound like rocket-powered waffle – that’s cool, we understand.  

But if you’re just a bit intrigued by the idea of taking a few deep breaths and thinking about the next 3+ years, then we’d love to have a chat about what a well-defined vision could do for you.