The strategic rebranding of home-moving giant Movera

How might we unify a group of home-moving businesses and provide strategic and visual direction for the future?
Art Direction
Stakeholder Interviews
Video Creation
Visual Concepting
The ONP group, in operation since 1987, consists of seven legal service firms in the home moving market. Over time, the businesses developed distinct identities, but the group identity closely resembled the brand ONP Solicitors, causing internal and external confusion.
The Challenge

Uniting a group of businesses behind one clear brand

So we know what we didn't want - customer confusion and employee uncertainty.

What we wanted to achieve was:

  • A group-level brand that resonated with all businesses in the group, uniting them behind one clear brand strategy and identity.
  • A brand that captured the bold ambitions of the group to disrupt an out-of-date market, focusing on better experiences driven by a people-first approach and powered by innovative tech.
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Approach and solutions

Group stakeholder interviews formed the backbone of our research. This brand had to represent and inspire everyone in the group.

We also appraised the immediate home moving and legal markets and some out-of-sector brands we admired and aspired to. ONP wanted to change the market, not just be better within it. Hence, we first looked to other markets that had grown up customer experience.

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A new name for a new era

A completely new name emerged from a series of workshops and iterations. Movera, a portmanteau of Move and Era. It's a name with momentum and hope.

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Strategy, proposition and principles

Strategic pillars are now in place that inform a creative vision so that the identity we created feels right and is sustainable for the long term.

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Visual identity

The logo mark M is a pulse. It suggests the human energy and drive of the group share in their desire to make home moving an experience worth talking about rather than swearing about.

The colour palette is recognisably mature but brought up to date with ambient gradients - the old school, reinvented.

In photography, we showcase natural moments of the diverse team enjoying collaboration. Movera has and continues to build a team that's diverse in backgrounds and thinking - they recognise that's how you make standout experiences happen.

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Brand rollout and management

When we create brands, we know they're on behalf of our partners, so a drop and stop isn't our style.

We've created a vision and brand launch video for partners and people to welcome them to Movera and enthuse them about working together.

There's also a brand guidance built in Framer. Creating the brand is just the start - other teams conceiving and delivering new experiences and communications driven by these guidelines are where it begins to live.

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“Working with Code has helped us better understand how our businesses complement each other, aligning the core elements, and now we feel confident about taking the brand forward to investors, partners, and our colleagues.”
Waseem Haq
Chief Digital Officer

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