Content design

Our content design services help you plan, create and manage your website content. Working in this way means users get the content they need, when they need it.

It helps you create a site that’s easy to understand and satisfying to use, which reflects well on your brand and helps generate more conversions.


Our content design services include:

  1. Content audits and user testing
  2. Content design sprints to create working prototypes
  3. Site migrations and content-heavy site redesigns
  4. Training, workshops, content management, governance and content strategies to help create an editorial culture within organisations
  5. Style guides and tone of voice development
  6. Rewriting content using content design principles

Why you need it

Hiring content designers means your site:

  • is easy to understand and satisfying to use
  • reflects well on your brand
  • is easier and cheaper to manage and update
  • generates more conversions and revenue
  • reduces customer confusion and customer service costs


How we do it

We take a Product Thinking approach to our work. This means we:

1. Do the right thing

Some organisations spend a lot of time and effort thinking about the visual design and technology behind a website, but isn’t it odd that the thing that visitors actually engage with – the content – is often overlooked or left until the last minute?

Using content design methods ensures that relevant copy, images and information hierarchy is considered from the very start and is matched to users’ exact needs.


2. Do it the right way

It starts with a ‘user need’ – writing down what your research tells you a user needs to do on that page. This sounds simple, and it is. But this simple technique leads to improved designs and user satisfaction.

We don’t use Lorem Ipsum to test designs, because it leads to unreliable user feedback and bad design decisions. We use content frames, not wireframes, which are used to help designers plan which components are used and where.

For example, the user need for this page is this:

As a marketer or product owner,

I want to understand more about Code’s content design service,

So I can decide if I should invest in it.

We’ll know this need has been met when the user:

    • understands what Code’s service entails and what the benefits are
    • knows how to get in touch


3. Do it together

We work in multidisciplinary product teams, which means that content design always has a place at the table. When content designers, user researchers, data analysts and developers collaborate closely, content comes to life.

Once we’ve established the user need, we pair write with the subject matter expert. Then, we test the initial design with users before launch and follow a content governance process to test it and improve it in the future.

Why Code?

We’re one of the few content design agencies in the UK, using content design principles and methods daily. 

Added to this, we sit within product teams, meaning that we’re right next to the people that we need to be. 

This approach means that content design informs product design, build and deployment throughout.

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