Whatever the weather

I never thought I’d become one of those people that talks about the weather (maybe I’m getting old)…

As a Planner, finding those insights through human truths is always fascinating, and habit is something you always need to consider when trying to connect with your audiences. And it seems to me that the weather could well be playing havoc with us and our habits at the moment; in particular, our holidaying habits.

It seems like more people than usual jetted off to sunnier climates over Easter and I’m intrigued to see what difference this crappy weather really makes to us. I’m finding myself planning events like mad for the Summer (praying for the sun to come out) and booking more weekends away than ever before. Maybe other influences have contributed to this change of habit but I think the weather is a big factor.

We all love the sun — it gets people outdoors, makes them feel better, and everyone is generally happier. That feeling we get when the sun comes out gives us a sense of contentment that’s hard to find anywhere else. So I’m intrigued to see what difference this unpredictable, awful weather we’re encountering at the moment really makes to us.

So how many people, like me, are changing their habits because of the weather? Perhaps booking holidays impulsively because they’re so desperate to get away, when before they used to agonise over planning for weeks. Or putting off glamming up the garden over Easter because it’s been too wet to do a proper job. This will, of course, be having an impact on retailers, too.

It’s an interesting issue — one that I’ll be exploring further, come rain or shine…