AI + You: a proven process on integrating AI into your business

April 15, 2024
James Carr
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Unlock the potential of AI for your business with our exclusive webinar.

Join us as we delve into the transformative role of AI and the actions you can take to strategically embed it within your business. Presented by industry experts from Code Computerlove and EssenceMediacom, this webinar will explore how we can strategically leverage AI to lead to breakthrough growth and enable new capabilities within an organisation.

What we will be covering

In this webinar, we'll be focusing on providing you with tangible outputs, so you can start to implement AI in your operations immediately. We'll be covering key aspects, including:

  1. Understanding AI Integration
  2. Identifying Business Needs and Goals
  3. Exploring Proven Process For Embedding AI
  4. Key Considerations in Implementation
  5. Practical Steps to Integration
  6. Leveraging AI for Business Growth
  7. Best Practices and Tips
  8. Q&A Session 

Equipping You for Success

You'll leave the webinar with:

  • A toolkit to identify opportunities to integrate AI into your business needs.
  • Have 5 critical questions to pose to key decision-makers to secure buy in. 
  • A clear blueprint on how to successfully embed AI as evidenced from real case studies.
  • Live Q&A: Engage directly with our experts for personalised advice tailored to your business.

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About Code

Code Computerlove is a design and innovation agency. We’re a strategic partner that delivers breakthrough digital capabilities, efficiencies, and growth. We achieve this through our industry renowned services in digital transformation, web development, brand strategy and customer experience. Our human centric approach underpins every aspect of our work. A collective of experts in multiple disciplined, we collaborate to distil the complex needs of organisations and end users to engineer solutions that make an impact. From fast scaling start ups to global brands, we can help you to transform your organisation.

About EssenceMediacom

EssenceMediacom exists to supports brands breakthrough in the new communications economy. Borne from the merger of two globally renowned agencies, EssenceMediacom fused Essence’s performance, data, analytics and creative technology DNA with MediaCom’s scaled multichannel audience planning and strategic media expertise.  Today, EssenceMediacom is equipped with access to the richest data, most robust benchmarking, and advanced technologies in the market. Here in the North, EssenceMediacom is home to our creative, digital and media expertise that deliver breakthrough growth, capabilities, and revenue for our clients. EssenceMediacom is part of WPP’s media investment group, GroupM.

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