Our survey reveals one third of business leaders don't know what service design is

July 31, 2023

We recently commissioned a survey to understand the current use and effectiveness of service design within UK organisations.

In an era defined by advancements in AI and devices, shifting consumer expectations and intense competition, the imperative to deliver exceptional services has risen to unprecedented heights.

Such a shift calls for a holistic approach to service design that transcends individual products or channels. One that focuses on crafting end-to-end experiences that continuously delight and authentically engage customers at every step of their journey.

But understanding, navigating and then implementing effective service design programmes is challenging. Where do organisations begin on this journey? How do they measure success, and who drives this significant change internally?

What the survey revealed

For the survey, we questioned 1002 business leader respondents, whose roles spanned business consultants, product consultants, strategy consultants or director, head, manager or lead across procurement, research, design, strategy, transformation, marketing and IT.

Here are just some of the key findings:

  • 38% of respondents admitted they couldn't define service design.
  • Budgets and time allocated into service design is relatively low, with 39% up to £50k and 25% up to £100k.
  • While almost 40% admit they don't know what impact service design projects have, 15% admitted they do not measure its impact.

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You can read more from our survey in Navigating Success in Service Design.

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