Various Production app launches

The creation of the Various Production ‘music toy’ app has been a really exciting project for us here at Code.

Roughly six months ago, we started talking to the collective of electronic music artists and producers about an idea for a ‘music toy’. Inspired by the 80’s Rubik’s Cube, the notion was to update this classic puzzle for the digital age by creating an app that maps video and audio snippets onto the puzzle pieces.

We felt this would make a great piece of branded content which could be used to promote Various in a way that very much aligned with their ‘underground’ status.

When we approached Various with the idea, we didn’t realise that they had a brand new musical offshoot called hardware. So it felt pretty amazing when they asked us to help them bring this exciting new project to life…

Along the way, we refined the interactive concept and made it useable whilst also producing exclusive music videos that could be unlocked by users — and, from today, you too can experience the finished product. Aside from playing host to some very cool video content, I have to say that the puzzle element is incredibly addictive!

Watch a teaser video and then download the app for free now.

We look forward to hearing your feedback — and we hope you like it as much as we do.