Want to know what kind of designer you are? Try our new quiz to find out

We’ve developed a new personality quiz to help designers figure out where their strengths really lie.

Through a series of ‘either/or’ questions, our ‘What kind of designer are you?’ quiz identifies whether you have a preference for:

– Divergent or convergent thinking
– Production of abstract or real deliverables
– Group or individual methods
– Making decisions with either the head or the heart

The ‘designer type’ outcomes have been generated by combining these traits in different configurations to create 16 possible results.

Over 100,000 people have taken the quiz already, and the the most common ‘type‘ so far has been the ‘People Watcher’, described as: “fascinated by people, endlessly curious about what they do and why they do it, trying to work out what makes them tick.”

“Our quiz is designed to help people think differently about how they work – and perhaps reconsider their relationships and expectations of others too,” says Tom Bradley, our Design Director.

“As a designer you bring a unique set of skills and perspectives to a problem and you need to figure out how to use them in a complementary way to those of the people you’re working with. After all, design is not an exact science – so most of the opportunity for you to make an impact is based on the culture and processes of the team that you’re in.”

Tom talks more about the quiz and the idea behind it in this Creative Review article.

Want to discover more about your own designing style? Take the quiz at whatkindofdesigner.com.