Me, You & the Zoo microsite

We've been working with our client Chester Zoo to create an interactive microsite that crowdsources personal memories from throughout its 80-year history.

Launched to coincide with the debut of new BBC TV drama 'Our Zoo', the Me, You & the Zoo microsite will grow and evolve as memories are added. So many people have connections with the zoo, and the aim is to to capture and showcase this by creating a rich, multi-layered online record of its past.

An initial collection of stories, anecdotes and pictures have been plotted on an interactive timeline that visitors can scroll through to see how the zoo has evolved over the decades, and the style of the site changes as you pass through each decade to reflect the look of the zoo of that time.

The responsive microsite can be viewed easily on any device, and users can make submissions of their own as any point via the 'Add Your Memory' button that's permanently fixed at the bottom of the screen.

Our hope is that the new six-part BBC series, which focuses on the inspiring real-life story of Chester Zoo's founder George Mottershead, will stir up lots of nostalgic feeling amongst viewers and compel them to make their own contribution to the microsite.

You can visit the Me, You & the Zoo microsite at to add your own memory of Chester Zoo. And be sure to tune in when 'Our Zoo' debuts on BBC1 at 9pm on Wednesday 3rd September.

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