Introducing Publicious

One of the main challenges attached to developing native mobile and tablet applications is how to quickly update and push out content to users.

Generally, cheap and cheerful mobile apps will have all content and assets embedded as part of the app bundle, but this makes it difficult to make a change to a line of text or swap out an image later on. And then, when it comes to deploying the new, updated version of the app, it can take anytime between a few days and a few weeks to go through app store approval processes — not great if you need to deliver time sensitive content.

The best way to deal with this is to make sure that your app is integrated with a good content management system to allow direct control over the content and how this is delivered. However, the cost, time and effort required to create and maintain this type of platform can sometimes put people off investing in a mobile app.

To help tackle these issues, we’ve developed a new publishing platform for native apps called Publicious, which enables us to deliver fast content updates to mobile and tablet devices. It can easily be configured with custom branding, fonts and colours, meaning that we can create a CMS-driven app in less than 10 days.

Powered by the Umbraco CMS, Publicious allows content updates and publishing to be centrally managed online and can be configured to use push notifications to alert users that new content is available for download, all without having to deploy a new version of the app through an app store or similar distribution channel. Publicious is also very flexible, and you can use one CMS to manage multiple apps, each in multiple languages.

Out of the box, Publicious supports tablets running iOS6 or above (with support for Android tablets coming soon). There are a number of pre-defined content templates for displaying your content and we can make provisions for rich text, images and video content as part of the package.

The platform can be used for a wide range of different apps but is best suited as an alternative to printed material such as brochures, product catalogues, sales and marketing presentations, coffee table books and digital magazines and inspiration.

If you’re interested in learning more about Publicious, then get in touch with us to arrange a demo.