Introducing our Hyper Island apprentices

Meet Matt, Dan and Matthew, the team of apprentices who are joining us here at Code for the next 15 months as part of the Hyper Island Digital Apprenticeship scheme.

We’ll be checking in with the guys throughout their time with us; to get us started, we asked them all to tell us a bit about their background.

“I always knew I wanted to do something IT related as a career, but it didn’t become clear to that I wanted to focus on development until I left school and did a year’s work experience with a company called Software Systems Europe Ltd.. When the year was up, they took me on part-time for three years while I studied IT in college.

Up until my last year of college, I had my mind set on going on to study Web Technologies at Huddersfield University — but then I started to think that maybe I’d prefer to just get out there and start working in the digital industry straight away.

Meeting Lewis from Hyper Island helped me finally make up my mind to go for a digital apprenticeship instead of a uni course. I applied, and shortly after I met Branny from Code Computerlove at one of the workshop interviews.

We’re a couple of months our apprenticeships here, and have been working with programming languages such as HTML, CSS, SASS, JavaScript and PHP. As the placement goes on, I’m looking forward to learning more about the way Code structures their projects with technologies such as Grunt.”


“About two weeks before I was due to finish my college course in Level 3 Software Development, a guy called Lewis Greener walked into my classroom and started to tell us about Hyper Island. It took me a few days to warm to the idea of going back — but then I realised the digital apprenticeship was too good of an opportunity to pass up.

I’m really enjoying working here at Code — every day is different, but equally as challenging as the one before!”


“I’ve been interested in computers ever since I started secondary school. I did a GCSE and AS-level in IT, and then began studying for my A-levels. But by the end of the first year I realised I wasn’t really enjoying my subjects; the IT A-level was more business related than creative, which just wasn’t what I was looking for. So I left Sixth Form and enrolled in South Trafford College study to do a BTEC in Software Development.

It was here that I started learning to code, working with HTML and CSS to create simple websites in order to expand my skills. As well as web development I also started learning application development in the form of C# and Java. That’s when I decided that I definitely wanted to pursue a career in development.

I basically had two options after college: go to university and do computer science, or find an apprenticeship. Although I applied to (and was accepted at) five universities, I realised that ‘learning while doing’ was actually a better option for me — so I chose to go down the apprenticeship route.

I first met the Hyper Island team at a digital talent festival at Manchester Town Hall, and they told me about their apprenticeship scheme, where they would provide my qualification while an employer would provide my work experience.

Various interviews later and I was offered my place at Code Computerlove!”