Introducing Facebook Home

Facebook is set to launch the next major version of its mobile presence later in the month — it’s called Facebook Home and right now it’s exclusive to Android. But unlike Facebook’s current app, Home will practically takeover your entire phone, so your friends’ updates, photos and videos will be the first thing you see every time you pick up your device.

Whether this excites or frightens you probably depends on how invested you and your friends are in Facebook, but as a product it’s certainly a novel direction for the company. Most interesting is the ‘people before apps’ approach and how it wraps around the core Home experience: updates from apps will be centred around your friends’ activities and (Facebook hopes) your general motivation for interacting with your phone and your apps will be fueled by what your friends on Facebook are doing.

Home is debuting on the new HTC First and will be available for select Android phones too, so we’ll be better poised to critique Home once it’s out in the wild.