How charities can protect themselves against data reform

We were thrilled to hear from Steve Henderson, Compliance Manager at Communicator, who joined us for the Emerging digital trends for charities event we held in June.

Steve talked about the EU and UK data protection reforms, what they currently mean and what they'll mean in the near future for digital marketing within charities. He discussed compliance for businesses who use, collect and store data, as well as the practises that they need to adopt in order to adhere to the new and upcoming requirements.

Steve highlighted the current industry investigations that the looming reform had encouraged. The focus had recently turned to consumers' online involvement with high-street brands, with research being conducted to determine how that data gets used. He made the point that the charity sector could be the next area to be investigated, but ultimately all organisations that collect and store data could be assessed. Such organisations would need an audit trail that clearly represents how and when companies gained permission from consumers and how those permissions were evaluated and updated.

Discussion on the day illuminated the importance of understanding the various pieces of information that could be classed as data. The importance of consumer trust was stressed and he recommended that charities remain cautious, active and up to date with data collection, to ensure they meet the reforms and therefore gain consumer trust.

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