It’s chocolate Jim, but not as you know it — making “The truth about women and chocolate” for #Behindthebrands and Oxfam International.

From early on in the campaign we’d spoken to our clients at Oxfam International about using the language of the brands featured in the campaign, against them.

When the brief came in highlighting that chocolate would be the launch theme we got started…

Firstly by dissecting chocolate ads and looking at how they portrayed the consumer. In many ways the ads are very simple — this could be you!

When looking at subverting this we needed to be really careful — we wanted to emphasis that the issues we were against came from the companies themselves and not the consumers portrayed in their advertising.

We also wanted there to be a moment in the ad where it flipped from appearing like a chocolate ad, to being a distinctive protest against negative treatment of women in cocoa production.

The break through came in the form of a chocolate cannon!

One that we would turn on the model in the ad (thanks Daniella!) and show how the chocolate food companies where making a mess — one that directly affects consumers.

This was a brilliant brief to work on and with a brave client and a fantastic production company (Chief Productions) and director (Sing Lee). We’re really happy with the results. It’s igniting conversation around the issue and driving awareness for the overall campaign as I write.

To support the campaign, please take action by sharing this video and also visit www.behindthebrands.org so see what else you can do. The chocolate example is but one, there are many more that need addressing…