Learn to work better together

We understand how to get the most out of teams and people when aligned to a digital business vision. 

We have developed a framework for driving organisational effectiveness, assessing where a team is in its maturity and helping to coach where people need support.

We can help you

Make your teams more effective

We’ll assess your team performance against how effectively they are achieving their goals, but also understand the people and the frustrations that exist to give them new ways to work better together.

Upskill individuals and teams

Our discipline leaders across agile, technical due-diligence, human-centred design and data analysis and conversion can help train your people and leave you self-sufficient.

Establish new ways of working

We can help you improve current ways of working across multiple disciplines to help you make better decisions across design, tech and delivery and achieve greater outcomes.

Kick start cultural change

The best transformations happen when senior leaders recognise a need to change and meet their people halfway down. We work with C-suite leaders to understand and modernise some of the ways decisions are made.

Let's get started

From individuals to teams and across the leadership team, we can help you look at improving the effectiveness or your operations.

Drive Team Effectiveness

3 days

Do you have a new product team who are establishing their ways of working?

Our product fundamentals course runs for 3 x 3 hours and will give your team an overview of everything they need to know from creating a product vision through to best practice in lean delivery.

Agile Coaching

2 - 8 weeks

It’s no longer the secret weapon for just software development teams. We’re helping many different types of companies feel the benefits from adopting the best agile practices for their teams. 

Specialist Discipline Training

2 - 6 weeks

Our discipline leaders are here to help nurture and advance the skills and capabilities of your teams across agile, modern engineering, human centred design and data analysis and conversion.

Helping our partners build their internal capability

We see our role as supporting our partners with their internal teams and capabilities, where appropriate, passing on our skills and ways of working which we have honed over the last 20 years.

Learn through doing

Most organisations are discovering more about their customers and sector by following agile, iterative working processes. Priortisiting action and learning through experimentation.

Code are advocates of agile and lean working practices and by working together we can help your organisation or team experience the benefits. 

Product Fundamentals: An Introduction to Product Delivery

Learn the fundamentals of digital product delivery from our Delivery Director Claire Kerley and Technical Director Dave Heath.

Product Fundamentals: An Introduction to Design Thinking & Doing

Our Head of Design Colin Preston introduces Design Thinking & Doing, and how they can be applied when solving common business and customer problems.

Start making your teams more effective

Discover how we can help your teams upskill and become more effective, establish new ways of working and even kick-start cultural change.