Deliver standout user-centred experiences

At Code, we practise and specialise in human-centred design.

This means we help you better understand the people you’re trying to serve, use customer insight to shape the things we make and drive meaningful change in the organisations we work with. 

We help you...

Launch new experiences

It’s easy to waste effort on the wrong things when trying to stay ahead – we’ll help you find the right things, craft them the right way, and rapidly get them in front of your users to continually learn and improve.

Augment your team

Modern digital products require a number of specialist skills which you may not want to invest in the long term. We partner with your existing team to provide specialist UX, service, research and content design support, where and when you need it.

Create a roadmap

We deliver value fast, but we also think long-term. We’ll help you define a vision and, with a deep understanding of your organisation, market and customers, we’ll create a shared strategic plan that makes sense.

Map your customer journey

We’ll look at every element that shapes your customers’ experience, how it makes them feel and behave, and ultimately how easy it is for them to accomplish any desired actions.

Our work

JCT600 Customer Portal

Design Product Transformation

Center Parcs

Design Product Strategy Transformation

Thinking big picture to laser focus

Business design

Understand and create the strategic purpose of your product or service to ensure your business is achieving customer value, commercial return, and relevance in the market.

Service optimisation design

Understand how well you are delivering your product or service and make improvements.

Product design

Understand, define and make products that provide value to your customers and business.

Service experience design

Understand how your end-user engages with your service in the wider context of their needs and make improvements.

Journey design

Understand, define and experiment with how we progress users through your products to achieve commercial success and customer value.

Let's get started

Here are a few ways we could kick things off, depending on what you’re looking to achieve:

Day zero workshop

1 - 2 days

This is our favourite way to begin. Writing a good digital brief is hard – the good news is, you don’t need to.

With a day zero workshop, we can get a clear view of your goals, what’s holding you back, and where we can add the most value. This sets us all up to do great things together.

Design sprint

2 weeks

A two-week process that uncovers your greatest threat or opportunity, then sets about devising new ideas to deliver against that opportunity; culminating in a customer-tested prototype.

Service design

4 - 6 weeks

Real disruption occurs when you look at the whole organisation, across all the customer touchpoints, physical and digital.

We’ll help you find new opportunities in areas you hadn’t considered.

Why Code?

Our Design Studio is one of just eight Global Design partners for the BBC, and we’ve helped some of the UK’s successful organisations to understand, define and design their customer experiences.

Added to this, we sit within product teams. This approach means that design informs build and deployment throughout.


Speak to our Business Director, Steve, about your product or service design challenges.

Email us at with your enquiry or send us a message below.

Steve Peters

Business Director