Brand Expression

Craft and redefine your brand identity across all touchpoints.

We can help you

Benchmark your brand equity

Understanding your brand equity is crucial for the success of your business. Through reviews, surveys and audits, we'll help you understand how your brand resonates with your audience, identify opportunities for growth, evaluate your brand identity, and gather customer feedback acting as a benchmark for future expressions.

Create a future brand expression

A strong visual identity fosters brand recognition, differentiates you from competitors, and establishes a memorable and cohesive brand presence in the minds of customers. We'll explore the expression of your brand's personality through a mix of brand sprints, naming exercises and tone of voice exploration.

Build scalable brand systems

Scalable, digital-first brand systems empower brands to expand experiences across all touchpoints while preserving consistency and quality.

Visualise a full-spectrum brand

Your brand will ultimately live in the wild across digital and physical products. We'll develop the brand expression for key touchpoints, expanding on the brand systems to create emotional resonance with your customers.

Supporting your wider
brand development

As experts in service design, innovation and cultural change, we can help make brand excellence run through everything you do.

Define opportunities and ambition to create momentum in your organisation.

Let’s get started

Just a few ways we could start working with you, depending on your budget and timescales.

Brand identity audit

5 days
Where are all the places your brand is displayed? And how well and consistently is it done?

It's not just the 12 versions of the logo you've accidentally got, but nuances in colours, font consistency, and so on. Let's create an inventory and spring clean.

Digital brand readiness

1 - 2 weeks
Many of our partners have well-established brands, but they've grown up in an analogue world. We'll show you how your brand identity can be extended and exploded into something all people love.

Accessible, extendable, memorable.

Brand creation sprint

2 - 4 weeks
This is the work we both want to be doing; creating something from scratch that could be around for a hundred years.

We'll dig into the research insights and brand strategy you've done, then turn it into an identity ready to test and refine with audiences.

Helping craft distinctive brand experiences

We're proud to think and make alongside our partners. Whatever the sector, we love working with ambitious brands and people that want to make real impact.
About Code

Why choose Code?

Loveable, not just usable

Today's audiences want to feel something from time spent with your brand. With 20 years of product, usable is our bread and butter but loveable, now that's our jam.

Make, believe

There's no better way to progress than making and changing. Our heritage means we're builders as well as dreamers. We define, refine and align brands and the people that deliver them.

A diverse team

We have some very experienced thinkers and makers and some fresh talent with new perspectives. That's how the best and freshest work gets done.

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