Brand Experience

Adopt a digital-first approach to brand creation and deliver brilliant experiences that go beyond mere guidelines.

We can help you

Stand out from the crowd, everywhere

You've got ads and merch but what about the way the call centre answer the phone, or the music that plays in the loos? We'll help you maximise the opportunities to amp up your brand across all customer touchpoints.

Make tomorrow's experiences, today

Our heritage as a digital product and service company means we like making as well as thinking. Remember the prototype we showed? We'll help you make that.

Visualise the future, near or far

We are expert storytellers but we know the importance of showing and telling. No death-by-PowerPoint here, we'll make an immersive life-like prototypical view of your brand to excite and guide direction.

Box? What box?

Provocation, experimentation, validation - that's how we create momentum outside of the everyday. A new app, podcast or maybe a physical product? How else can we make loyal and new customers love your brand?

Supporting your wider
brand development

As experts in cultural trends, customer research, copywriting and strategy, we can help define opportunities and ambition to create momentum in your organisation.

Craft and redefine your brand across all touchpoints, from visual identity, logo design, tone of voice, motion and beyond.

Let’s get started

Just a few ways we could start working with you, depending on your budget and timescales.

Brand experience mapping

1 – 2 weeks
Have you ever stood back and seen all the macro and micro interactions your brand has with customers?

We'll help you visualise and map opportunities for your brand to add more delight to how customers interact with you.

Future experience visualisation

2 - 3 weeks
Our team of content, visual and motion designers will create a brand asset that will get teams comfortable and excited about where you're going.

It might be a video, it might not.

Idea incubation and experimentation

3 - 4 weeks
When you think brand rather than sales first, you often come up with the real gold ideas.

Already have the seed of an idea that you've always wanted to explore? We can help you make a version of that idea and test it.

Helping craft distinctive brand experiences

We're proud to think and make alongside our partners. Whatever the sector, we love working with ambitious brands and people that want to make real impact.
About Code

Why choose Code?

Loveable, not just useable

Today's audiences want to feel something from time spent with your brand. With 20 years of product, usable is our bread and butter but loveable, now that's our jam.

Make, believe

There's no better way to progress than making and changing. Our heritage means we're builders as well as dreamers. We define, refine and align brands and the people that deliver them.

A diverse team

We have some very experienced thinkers and makers and some fresh talent with new perspectives. That's how the best and freshest work gets done.

Let's work together

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