JCT600 launches satisfying web game based on packing your car boot

August 2, 2022

UK top 10 motor retailer JCT600 is putting some extra fun into packing for holiday travel this summer with a new online game that will also keep car passengers of all ages entertained on long journeys.

Car Boot Carnage was designed to help position JCT600 as leaders in online experience in a market that's seen a number of new digital-first disruptors in recent years.

Inspired by one of the world's favourite puzzle video games, Tetris, Car Boot Carnage is available to play for free with no download required at

Car Boot Carnage by JCT600

To play the game, you have to pack various items to fill the boot within the allocated time, with different required items depending on whether you're visiting the beach, going camping, moving to uni, or visiting the in-laws. 

The game has already got people hooked and is being shared by retro gaming fans and YouTubers, which is supporting JCT600's visibility amongst extremely online‚ audiences and strengthening their overall domain authority so they can continue punching above their weight in search. 

Joel Stein, Content & Creativity Lead at Code Computerlove, said:

"We have a clear and compelling vision for JCT600's core digital products. As well as making the car buying experience feel calmer, we're always looking for creative ways to reach new audiences and stand out in a crowded, competitive car retail landscape.

"Despite the name Car Boot Carnage, there's actually something deeply mindful and satisfying about puzzle games like this, and that's a nice reflection of the wider brand experience we're building for this client, all rooted in a sense of calmness and control."

Play Car Boot Carnage here.

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