Code launches 'Who should I vote for AI' to assist younger voters ahead of general election

June 26, 2024
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Code, a leading digital and AI agency, has launched an innovative AI tool called ‘Who should I vote for AI'. The innovative platform is designed to help younger voters make informed decisions on key issues.

In an era of fake news and declining political trust, voters are seeking impartial guidance. Research by EssenceMediacom North, highlights the challenges voters face today:

- Interest in the election is lowest among younger demographics: 28% of 18-24 year olds and 27% of 25-34 year olds are not interested, while interest increases among those over 35.

- 44% of voters worry the election will polarize the country.

- Trust in government and media is at a 10-year low, with 1 in 2 voters wary of being misled by false promises and 49% actively fact-checking claims made by politicians.

- 37% believe the media provides fair coverage, 35% see it as neutral, and 26% view it as biased.

These statistics, sourced from a survey of 501 nationally representative respondents, underscore the urgent need for tools that can provide clear, unbiased information.

Introducing 'Who should I vote for AI'

The newly launched 'Who should I vote for AI?' aims to address these concerns by providing an unbiased platform that compares political parties and their policies directly from their official sources. It offers a suite of features aimed at making political information accessible:

- Election Assistant: Answers questions about parties, policies, and the voting process.

- Policy Breakdown: Provides and compares parties policies.

- Find Your Party: A simple quiz that guides users to a party based on their values and concerns.

Louis Georgiou, Chief Creative and Technology Officer at EssenceMediacom and Co-Founder of Code, shared his excitement about the launch:

"Recognising AI's influence on our everyday lives, we started by exploring current tools available and identified an untapped opportunity. We created a dedicated, unbiased platform that ignores all commentary and tabloid agendas to help people understand party positions on key issues. In just 10 working days, we took the platform from a concept to launch. We hope by simplifying the process of understanding the manifestos we will be able to encourage more of those under the age of 35 to be interested and ultimately vote."

Launching just in time for the upcoming General Election on 4th July 2024, the tool aims to be a crucial resource for voters.

Explore the AI tool at:

With the launch of 'Who should I vote for AI,' Code and EssenceMediacom North are eager to make a significant impact on the political engagement of younger voters, fostering a more informed and active electorate.

The AI tech behind the 'Who should I vote for AI'

Behind the scenes, OpenAI (ChatGPT) plays a crucial role in making 'Who should I vote for AI' effective. Code's software engineers have taken the party manifestos and transformed these documents into a vector database, storing data as mathematical representations, which is also known as 'vector embedding'. This innovative approach allows the AI to perform advanced searches that are not feasible with traditional database. OpenAI is then instructed to use this vector database to answer user queries.

By leveraging the power of large models (LLMs), it understands the context of the questions and applies sophisticated logic, such as cosine similarity, to identify and return the most relevant results. Cosine similarity measures the similarity between two pieces of text by calculating the cosine of the angle between them. This helps the AI to determine how closely related different pieces of text are based on their content.

While this approach to technology might seem straightforward, the real value lies in Code's ability to engineer the AI's capabilities to provide meaningful answers. This has allowed 'Who should I vote for AI' to deliver the precise parts of the documents that users are seeking, ensuring they receive accurate and relevant information.

Find out who you should vote for

With the launch of 'Who should I vote for AI,' EM Code and EssenceMediacom North are hoping to make a significant impact on the political engagement of younger voters, fostering a more informed and active electorate.

Be sure to make you vote count and explore 'Who should I vote for AI:

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