Artificial Intelligence

Embrace AI to enhance your digital products and re-design service experiences whilst embedding a human-centred approach.

We can help you

Understand what's new

AI and Generative AI has the potential to fundamentally change the way business is done. By understanding your business, operations and customer outcomes, we’ll help you understand what AI means for your organisation and where the opportunities lie.

Automate repetitive tasks

AI has the power to perform administrative task, allowing you and your people to get on with the more strategic elements of their role. We’ll help you prioritise the right things so you can focus on utilising AI to make your systems and processes more efficient.

Get new ideas to market

The best way to adapt to new technology is by making new things, experimenting and getting them out into the world. We’ll help you bring new services and experiences to market, so you can quickly get feedback and understand where the value in AI is to your people and customers.

Architect your software with AI

When next week is hard to predict, thinking three years ahead can feel absurd. But having a sense of direction is even more valuable in a volatile world. We’ll help you define a clear software architecture that includes AI tooling, system integration and custom web development where appropriate, and evolve your technical strategy so its ready to flex in the future.

Let’s get started

Just a few ways we could start working with you, depending on your budget and timescales.

AI business briefing

2 hours
A board-level briefing as to the state of AI today, what it means for your sector and options for how and where you can take your first steps into utilising AI technology.

AI hack day

4 hours
A hands-on workshop using generative AI tools like ChatGPT to experiment with how you can use AI to automate and innovate your processes and create opportunities for new income streams.

AI coaching

1 - 2 days
We can deliver the training and tools you and your people need to take advantage of AI today – measuring people satisfaction, customer experience up-lifts and commercial returns as we go.

Helping our partners explore what's next

Whether it’s evaluating the role of new technology, enhancing your customer journey or exploring new markets and propositions, we can help you make the right choices and validate ideas.
About Code

Why choose Code?

Thinkers and makers 

As makers, thinkers and coaches, we transform through doing together. By deeply understanding your motivations, goals and ambitions, we can assess where to create new experiences with the most significant impact and commercial return.

Big picture, to laser focus

Being people first ensures we can realise maximum value and embed change in the long term, both inside and out. From the products you build and services you provide to the skills needed internally to deliver them.

Insight, ideas and impact

With 25 years of heritage spanning human-centred design and modern engineering practices, our product mindset and lean approach ensure we make a difference where it matters most.

We create breakthrough growth throughout the customer experience

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