A day in the life of a UX Designer at Code

December 6, 2021

In a series of blogs about what life as a Computerlover is like, we caught up with our UX Designer Roger to find out what he gets up to in his day-to-day.

Hi Roger! Can you start by telling us about yourself and your role within the agency?

Hi there, I'm Roger and I'm a UX Designer at Code. I started back in May 2021 and have worked with a bunch of different clients including LightSpeed Broadband, Hillarys, Bruntwood and ERS.

Can you tell us a bit about your background, and what attracted you to Code?

During my bachelor's degree in communication design, I focused a lot of my work around digital products and also took units in computer science and psychology.

I started working as a Junior Art Director back in Germany, focussing mainly on advertising. However, I noticed I missed using data to inform my designs. I decided to pursue a Masters in psychology with a focus on Media and Cognition to help me gain psychological insight into design and to teach myself how to conduct qualitative and quantitative research to understand data and people's behaviour.

When I came across Code for the first time I immediately felt connected to the way the website was set up and the amazing products Code had worked on. After speaking to different people about the company (and only hearing positive feedback!) I knew I wanted to work there.

What also attracted me was their investment in personal training and development. UX is a field that constantly evolves, and it is fundamental for professionals in this field to stay up to date in the industry.

Code allows me to take dedicated time to learn more about UX which I love. This can go from taking online classes about UX to reading research studies about user behaviour and insights.

Now we're all working flexibly, could you describe a typical day either in the office or from home?

My day usually starts with a product team stand-up to go through our current sprint's tickets and discuss where the whole team is up to with progress. This is a great way to update on work in progress and keep everyone in the team in the loop.

After the team stand-up, I usually have a more UX focused stand-up with other designers to talk about our individual tickets. Stand-ups are a great motivation for me because they help me to understand what work is going on and the brilliant products that we are building.

I will then start working on the design process, which has several different steps such as ideation, user research and analysis over designing low-fidelity wireframes and mockups to prototypes.

What's great about my role is the variety of work in my field and that Code actively allows me to work in all these fields and hone my skills. The best way to learn is on the product itself and this allows everyone in the team to learn more each day.

What have you recently been working on?

Recently, I have been working on the new Hillarys website. We did a lot of user research and analysis of data insights to redesign the current experience and align it further with user behaviour.

I enjoyed the fusion of quantitative and qualitative data we have been using for this project as it helps to shape the final designs.

Through the new design we wanted to enable the page visitor to digest the content easier and proceed smoother within their journey on the page.

Is there any work you are particularly proud of?

I am particularly proud of the work we did for a new broadband start-up, LightSpeed Broadband. It was the first project I started when I joined and we just started our first Day Zero with the LightSpeed team.

We built their entire website from doing user research to designing the website. This way, we were able to influence the look and feel of the website a lot and came up with a unique experience that the client loved.

Do you have a favourite part of your job?

One of my favourite parts of my job is being able to support design decisions with data insights.

I am able to give rationale about why I have made certain choices and it helps not just me as a designer but also makes it easier for clients to understand why decisions were made.

I also have to mention my team. They are genuinely fantastic and make me enjoy my work here even more.

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