Make Change Fridays are how you keep improving

We dedicate 10% of our time (Friday afternoons) to learning, across the whole company.

We call this Make Change Fridays and it’s one of the ways we are committed to personal development and the continual improvement of our company.   

How it started

All businesses are adapting to the changes caused by Covid-19. As an agile organisation, Code is no different. We’re constantly adapting to changes around us and always learning how we can improve.

One of the few benefits of Covid-19 was that we had reconsider how to best use our time to offer our people uber-flexibility during the difficulties of lockdown. We had to become more efficient and find new ways of working to still deliver effective outcomes.

The good news is that we found our productivity has remained at pre-Covid levels. Therefore, we’ve made the decision to let this experience positively shape our future. We’re using the time we’ve been able to save to make more positive change.

We now dedicate Friday afternoons to our people, with one objective – make change.

There is only one rule. You can use the time how you see fit, as long as you are developing yourself, your discipline or the company.

Cool things we’re doing

There are incredible new skills, capabilities and methods our people have been developing:

  • Tech for good initiatives and free workshops
  • Mental wellbeing, diversity and inclusion initiatives
  • Mentoring for people entering the industry
  • Live streaming and community events
  • DevOps certification
  • Secure Coding qualifications
  • New automated testing tools
  • New prototyping and visualisation tools
  • Brand development framework
  • Creating a Slack data bot!

In what is an ever competitive talent landscape we are hopeful that this change continues to position Code as a leader in the Digital services community, and becomes yet another great reason to join our talented team.