You're brilliant at what you do and we'll challenge you to get better

As advocates of agile and lean working practices, continual improvement is core to our philosophy and this applies to our people too. 

Open roles

For any other career enquires, email – we would love to hear from you.

Account Manager/Director

We are looking for an Account Manager / Director (we call them Digital Product Consultants) to develop our partner relationships at a strategic level, support in the creation of their digital roadmaps, as well as work closely with our internal teams delivering on those roadmaps consisting of (UX design, research, engineering, data, delivery).

Agile QA/Test Analyst

We are looking for a capable Agile QA/Test Analyst with a minimum of 2 years of experience, to work as part of a multi-disciplined software delivery team, embeding modern test practices, and processes, championing high-quality testable digital products with our client partners.

Content Design Lead

We're looking for an experienced Content Designer who wants to make an impact; someone who can confidently lead by example whilst getting deeply involved in day-to-day work.

Front End Engineer - HTML, CSS/SCSS, JS, React, Typescript

Care about responsive, accessible, performant, mobile-first digital customer experiences? We are looking for a Front End Engineer with 3+ years of experience within a digital/web environment, with aspirations of progressing to senior capability in the next year(s).

Senior UX Designer

Working collaboratively with designers, developers and other digital professionals within a product team, you’ll create world-class products and services that meet the needs of real people, and equally, provide commercially successful solutions for our clients.

UX Design Lead

Working in partnership with clients and peers, you will lead and facilitate the entire product lifecycle by employing various design and experimentation methods, qualitative data and quantitative insight to inform your thinking. You will be proficient in explaining why your chosen program of work is suitable in each individual context.

What makes a Computerlover?

We are a Great Place to Work®

We’re proud to be a certified Great Place to Work® – a globally recognised benchmark for employers offering outstanding employee experiences.

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Inclusivity, collaboration and improvement

We build teams from all kinds of people: thinkers, writers, talkers, makers, analysts, inventors and more. People who work hard, work together and get things done. We embrace our diversity and differences, but all share the same values and beliefs.

Ultimately, company culture is what really matters – find out what makes a Computerlover.


It's not all about work

Personal medical insurance

We provide a medical insurance policy which gives you money back for things like dental work and opticians, and physiotherapy. You can claim back up to £100 on dental, £100 on eye test, £400 on diagnostics and £250 on things like acupuncture. 

Wellbeing allowance

We care about the wellbeing of our people and offer a £25 monthly allowance to spend on anything else that aids your wellbeing. 

£500 training budget

In the spirit of bolstering the culture of learning we encourage here at Code, each Computerlover has a specific, individual, annual budget of £500 they’re able to dedicate to helping them somehow expand on their skills.

Generous maternity & parental leave

Congratulations! You're having a baby! Depending on length of service, we provide 3 months on full pay and the following 6 weeks at 50% salary. We also provide a 10% return to work bonus for the first 12 months when returning from maternity leave.

Christmas party abroad

Since 2000, we've always had our Christmas party abroad.  It's a long running tradition that we don't want to break!


Friday afternoons are dedicated to you

10% of our week (Friday afternoons) is dedicated to our Computerlovers, with one objective – make change.

We call this Make Change Fridays and there is only one rule. Use the time how you see fit, as long as you are developing yourself, your discipline or Code.