It's more than just parties and table football

OK, we do have great parties, a table foosball and even a collection of vintage arcade machines, but these are incidental!

We are very clear on the components of our culture and it’s all about being brilliant at what we do.  We value most the attributes and behaviours that make us shine. 

Our values



Our clients & staff choose us because of the standards we uphold.​



We can achieve a higher level of performance and better quality output if we work effectively together.​



As individuals, teams and a company we need to continually learn and evolve in order to be the best​



By focusing on impact we create more value for our clients and ourselves.​

Our Culture Manifesto

In 2020, as a result of the Black Lives Matter movement, we formed a new community at Code, that would make sure we were always promoting inclusivity, diversity and the right way to behave to each other.  We call this community the PDD (Promoting Digital Diversity) and we decided one of our first actions was to create clarity on how we describe our culture so we could be clear on the inclusive values and behaviours that are important to us.  So we created our Culture Manifesto

We’re a brilliant bunch

We’re friendly, talented people – thinkers and doers who care deeply about their craft. We embrace talented people who love to collaborate and share. 

We’re human-centred

We thrive individually, and do our best work together, in an atmosphere of care and compassion. We give people support to continually grow and improve, and we all look out for each other.

We’re all ourselves

We encourage everyone to bring their whole selves to work – we love and accept people for who they are, and enjoy each other’s oddities.

We communicate openly

Our culture thrives on honest reflection, feedback and open conversations – it’s important that everyone has the chance to be heard, and that we move forward as a group.

We mix it up

Our cross-discipline teams have collaboration in their DNA; we aim to bring amazing people from diverse backgrounds together to create brilliant products.

We trust people

We give people the freedom to take risks and make mistakes, the autonomy to make decisions, and the opportunity to make an impact.

We value relationships

We take the time to get to know each other and our clients so we can communicate more effectively, align around a shared vision, and push each other to do our best work.

We’re more than just a place to work

Code is a place to belong, whatever your background. We take pride in creating brilliant things together, and we have fun out of hours too.

Everyone who’s ever worked at Code is part of the family for good.


We organise oursleves in 'Discipline' communities, each focussed on improving the quality and practices of their craft. We also encourage our people to create and run their own communities of interest.


UX, UI, Research, Strategy, Prototyping. The Design discipline meet regularly to improve what they do.


Covering all facets of analytics and optimisation, from actionable metrics to business experimentation and personalisation.


Covering software leadership,  software engineering, front end engineering, Agile Test/QA and DevOps, our engineering community is committed to creating adaptable software products & continual learning and improvement.  


Product ownership and lean delivery are core to the working practices of our delivery people, always prioritising customer and business value.


Friday afternoons are dedicated to learning new skills

We dedicate 10% of our time (Friday afternoons) for learning, across the whole company. We call this Make Change Fridays and it’s one of the ways we are dedicated to the continual improvement of our company.