A day in the life of a foundation developer at Code Computerlove

August 17, 2018

We caught up with Moujib Aghrout, one of our Foundation Developers, to get an insight into what he gets up to day-to-day.

Can you start by telling us about yourself and your role within the agency?

My name is Moj and I’m 22-years-old. I graduated from Manchester Metropolitan University, where I studied Computer Science, last year, and I joined Code as a Foundation Developer right from uni.

Could you describe a typical day in the office?

I get in in the morning and make myself a brew. I’ll check my emails, and then we have our team stand up, where we go through what we’ll be working on that day. Then it’s basically coding and meetings all day (with a break for lunch, of course)!

Can you tell us a bit about your background?

During uni, I did a lot of hackathons and digital events that were going on around Manchester to try and develop my skills.

In my second year, we had this thing called a ‘networking café’ where a bunch of companies would come in to talk to us – that’s where I first met someone from Code Computerlove. I asked if it was possible to do a placement year with them; they said unfortunately they didn’t do placement years, but they took a copy of my CV.

The next year, I met them again at the same event and they remembered me from last time, which was nice! Shortly after that, Dave, Code’s Technical Director, messaged me on LinkedIn, and invited me to do a one-day-a-week, eight-week internship. I would join a different team each time, and either sit with the lead developer and do coding exercises, or pair with them to code together.
At the end of the internship, they offered me a job!

What do you find the most challenging?

Initially it was quite difficult getting my head around new concepts and things like that, given that I was quite new to the industry. But I’m quite an adaptable person so I worked hard and managed to pick things up pretty quickly.

What projects are you currently working on?

I’m currently working with Amnesty International and Manchester Airport Group. They’re obviously very different clients; they have two different tech stacks and face different challenges, so it’s never dull.

Is there a project you are particularly proud of?

I really like working on the Amnesty International site, which was one of the first projects I was involved with. We created a whole new way for people to donate, which was exciting and obviously it’s especially rewarding to know you’re working on something that’ll make it easier for people to donate to a worthy cause like Amnesty.

Do you have a favourite part of your job?

Being able to develop both as a person and a professional, day in day out. I’m constantly learning new things, and I get to work on amazing projects. I’m also given plenty of responsibility and am able to take ownership of my own work, which is helping me to mature and build on my skills. And I get to collaborate with incredible people. Code feels like a community I want to be a part of forever!

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