Code Computerlove featured in new agile leadership book

May 24, 2016

Our co-founder and CEO Tony Foggett has recently contributed to a new book offering advice on creating an agile business.  In 'The Agile Leader: How to Create an Agile Business in the Digital Age', Tony talks to author Dr Simon Hayward about how we've gone about implementing an agile, product thinking-based approach here at Code Computerlove, and how it's helped us retain our early-forged commitment to people, passion, quality and creativity‚ as we've grown.  

We looked at the movement of 'product' through our business for silos, processes and behaviours that were barriers to its quality and flow, tony explains in the book.

Then designed an entirely new 'operating system', focused on achieving performance through collaboration and continual improvement. We changed our structure into autonomous, multidisciplinary teams, switched to agile working methodologies and became almost militant about the kind of people and behaviour we needed.  

Nowadays our 'Product Thinking' approach is at the heart of our client partnerships. We help them to continually evolve their websites and applications as 'products' rather than 'projects', delivering much greater ROI, adaptability and sustained performance.  

Often, we are engaged as part of a wider desire for digital transformation within our client's organisation, supporting them to embed the internal practices and digital cultures that they need to get ahead and stay there, because as we like to say at Code, brilliant never stops.

The book also features case studies from the British Fashion Council, Standard Chartered and Three.  

You can order a copy of 'The Agile Leader' now.

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