LightSpeed Broadband

Delivering a new ecommerce proposition at pace

How might we deliver a disruptive broadband proposition at pace balancing brand, CX and technical strategy?​
User Testing
Day Zero Workshop
API Integration
Art Direction
Challenger ISP LightSpeed Broadband turned to Code to launch a new platform and unique proposition that cut through the noise in a competitive market.
The Challenge

Launch a new disruptive platform and proposition at pace

Our brief was to launch a new website and digital identity for LightSpeed’s new full-fibre broadband product in the east of England. In a competitive market often filled with lots of technical jargon and varying products, it can be difficult for broadband customers to understand the best option for them.

With a strong product offering at a great price point, we aimed to strip things right back, keep our language and content simple and help LightSpeed customers check availability in their local areas before going on to purchase.

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Understanding the objectives, market and customer

We began the process with a day zero workshop to understand business objectives, the market, our audience and how we could help. The session revealed that the main problems to solve were creating awareness and establishing the brand, educating users about full-fibre and building a customer base.

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Introducing a new look and feel

Following the day zero, we agreed our focus would be on creating an end-to-end digital service for customers to purchase broadband. The timelines were ambitious with a launch date just a few months later, so we ran a week-long design sprint ending with user testing to trial our prototypes.

As part of the design sprint, we built our core journey, keeping it simple and to the point with minimal distractions or jargon. We wanted the identity to have a fun and fresh approach, using straight-talking messaging to reflect the heart of the business and its core purpose and values.

Simultaneously, we carried out a qualitative survey across our target market area to validate our proposition and price point.

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So that customers could make orders, we leveraged SalesForce and their growing MuleSoft middleware through our C# APIs that we had our thin React Client SPA speak to – with CloudFlare added later for rate throttling.

Within just four months, we had designed and built a fully branded platform where customers could visit, find out more about the product and go on to purchase.

LightSpeed availability checker on mobile
LightSpeed availability checker on mobile
LightSpeed availability checker on mobile
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"Having a first-rate ecommerce site to support our fast-paced growth plans is a hugely important element of our business, and Code has definitely delivered on this. From the discovery and design sprint stages to user testing and implementation, we've felt close to the process and confident in our platform rollout."
Steve Haines

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