To celebrate JCT600’s 75th anniversary we were briefed to enhance their iconic logo, improving modernity and consistency with their brand ethos and art direction.​

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Enhancing the existing JCT600 logo

  1. Reducing the width of type to feel more lightweight

  2. Removing the links between the numbers to increase clarity at all sizes

  3. All kerning and letter spacing has been considered and tailored to balance the logo

  4. Making the height of the J smaller to be consistent with the height of the 6

  5. Spacing has been adjusted to allow the logo to breath

The JCT600 logo with numbers from 1-6 displaying the proposed changes
Before After

Branding variations

We created two versions of the brand system that can be used in different scenarios.

The portrait stamp caters for JCT600’s prominence over the sub-brand but also allows for fixed width spaces.

The landscape stamp holds equal prominence for the JCT600 logo and sub-brand, catering for both digital and print.

Celebrating 75 years

To mark a unique milestone in JCT600’s history, we also created a number of 75th-anniversary logos for use across digital, print and TV. 

Campaign content

As a way for everyone at JCT600 to celebrate reaching 75 years and look forward to what’s next, our design studio also produced and created a short video as part of their wider anniversary campaign. 

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