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Constantly evolving and improving Hillary’s digital presence in a 13-year partnership that’s still going strong

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Key stats


new appointments booked (2015)


in additional revenue (2015)


increase in revenue from online appointment booking (2018)


User-focused mobile redesign

We’ve been working with Hillarys since 2005, and like all great relationships, our long-term partnership is built on openness, trust, and a desire to get the best out of each other.

In 2015, we noticed mobile traffic to Hillarys.co.uk had increased 58% year-on-year. Hillarys customers had clearly moved beyond desktop – so we moved with them. We upgraded the site from two desktop and two mobile versions to one responsive platform. We worked in cycles, focusing on the back-end and biggest-volume product pages, and releasing these core elements first.

The final work helped deliver almost 14,000 additional appointments and a staggering £2.6m in additional revenue over the course of the first year.


Co-ordinated SEO strategy

A new SEO/PPC strategy, delivered by Code’s sister agency MediaCom North, worked in tandem with our on-site optimisation work to increase search traffic to the new responsive site, as well as improve cost efficiencies.

Following the launch of the responsive site, search traffic soared, with organic traffic via mobile devices increasing 203% YOY. This helped deliver a 151% uplift in appointments booked by mobile users.


Strategic parnership

After several years of working with Hillarys, we didn’t want complacency to kick in on either side. We recognised that it was probably time for a ‘reset’ so we could ensure we were working with them in the most efficient, Product Thinking-focussed way.

In 2016, we undertook a six-week research project to really get under the skin of the business and better understand its customers. We shadowed advisor appointments, interviewed customers and even tried the service ourselves. We then mapped everything we learned to identify how digital currently supported the customer journey, a series of focus areas for improvement, and a clear product vision for the team to focus on:

“Guiding your progress towards creating the home you love”.


Sample ordering service

In 2017, we identified that ordering samples was a major pain point for customers, and that Hillarys competitors were doing a much better job at streamlining the process.

To understand the opportunity, we conduced an A/B split test, presenting a way of ordering samples online to a small percentage of blinds and curtain fabrics customers. This not only ensured that the volume of sample requests increased slowly and manageably, ensuring that Hillarys were able to keep up with demand without having to immediately invest in delivering the whole service, but also that we understood what affect the new functionality might have on appointment requests, brochure requests and the average order value before we went about implementing it site-wide.

After some great initial results we’ve slowly rolled out samples to 100% of traffic as well as extending to the carpets product range, and we are continually evolving this service into a flagship offering.