Analyse your users across your experiences, then visualise that data to help you make better decisions.

We can help you

Build a measurement framework

Customer platforms are complex and it's easy to get lost in the data. We'll create a measurement framework that makes it easier for you to prioritise the right actions.

Create hypotheses for growth

We'll look at your web data and research your customers’ behaviour to spot areas of opportunity. Armed with this insight, together we will design answers that stimulate growth.

Make sense of your data

If your business doesn’t understand and trust its data, you won’t truly understand your customers. We audit your data analytics setup and connect your data sets, giving you valuable and reliable business insights, and ultimately allow you to transform your business and make important decisions with confidence.

Measure the right thing

Replacing a product? We’ll take an in-depth look at how users are interacting with your current product to get a data-driven steer on where improvements can be made. We consider your business objectives to make sure we’re measuring exactly the right things as your new product is rolled out so it reaches its full potential.

Performance capabilities bespoke to your challenges

Analytics audits and configuration
GA4 implementation
Attribution analysis and reporting
User segmentation
Behaviour, performance and user flow analysis
Offline to online tracking and analytics
Data visualisation and dashboard creation

Let’s get started

Just a few ways we could start working with you, depending on your budget and timescales.

Tracking audit

1 – 2 days
Get a handle on your analytics tracking set-up, how it's performing against goals, fix errors where necessary and identify areas to improve.

GTM audit

2 - 3 weeks
Review how your Google Tag Manager is set-up including the removal of old tags impacting reporting and performance changes to improve site speed and accessibility.

Data audit

4 – 5 weeks
Explore how customers are behaving across your product or platform. See where they land, map traffic flows, analyse user funnels and prioritise recommendations for improvements.

Our work

Digital partner to forward-thinking brands

Whether it’s a short-term tactical engagement or a more permanent product partnership, we’ll form a small dedicated team around your needs. The word “client” feels a bit weird to us – when we say we work together with you, we really mean it.
About Code

Why choose Code?

We understand user behaviour

Plenty of agencies will offer you a digital dashboard, but few are able to do that and translate those insights into real tangible behaviour change.

We drive action

We won’t add to the data deluge – we’ll give you actionable insights.

Data is a team sport

By working alongside user experience designers within your product team, our data analysts get a complete picture of your business and digital estate.

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