Invent new propositions and revenue streams

Most of us have plenty on our plates day-to-day. When there’s so much to do right now, it can be hard to look further ahead.

But the world doesn’t stand still – we’ll help you explore what changing customer behaviours mean for your business, generate breakthrough ideas to test, and quickly find where the most promising opportunities are.

We help you...

Innovate on existing experiences

We can help you re-think your existing services and experiences, making them work for a new audience, adapting them in line with emerging trends, or simply making the improvements you’ve always been thinking about, but never had the time and space to do.

Disrupt your market

Right now, we’re seeing things change faster than we ever imagined. Disruption is the norm. We can help you find breakthrough experiment ideas across your customer experience, then bring them to life and learn as we go.

Understand new audiences

Innovation for your business can mean speaking to a new type of customer – understanding their needs and motivations and designing new products or services to appeal to them. We can help you get started. 

Respond to changing markets

Recent times has shown us that market conditions can change rapidly and businesses need to be agile in how they respond to stay afloat. We use rapid prototyping methods, such as Design Sprints, to understand the change and respond quickly. 

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Let's get started

A few fun-packed, fast-paced ways in which we get our partners moving and thinking differently about innovating their businesses:

Design sprint

2 weeks

A two-week process that uncovers your greatest threat or opportunity, then sets about devising new ideas to deliver against that opportunity; culminating in a customer-tested prototype.

Voice Design

2 weeks

We work together to work out what voice means to your business, and develop a working skill prototype that we test with customers that gives us a clear sense of direction to follow.

Service design

4 - 6 weeks

Real disruption occurs when you look at the whole organisation, across all the customer touchpoints, physical and digital.

We’ll help you find new opportunities in areas you hadn’t considered.

Helping our partners find what's next

Whether it’s evaluating the role of new technology, addressing more stages of your customer journey, or exploring new markets and propositions, we can help you make the right choices and validate ideas.


Speak to our Business Director, Steve, about how we can help you explore what changing customer behaviours mean for your business, generate new ideas and invent new revenue streams. 

Email us at with your enquiry or send us a message below.

Steve Peters

Business Director