Redefining Bupa with strategic content design and user research

How might we align Bupa Dental’s brand and introduce a new affordable subscription model for customers?
Brand Development
Content Audit
Content Hierarchy
Art Direction
With various care models available across different price ranges, we were briefed to introduce a service proposition that made private healthcare more affordable for Bupa Dental customers.
The Challenge

Align Bupa Dental's brand and introduce a new subscription model

Alongside a new subscription model, Bupa wished to streamline its core customer journey and embed a consistent look and feel for the brand following the acquisition of Total Orthodontics and Smiles.

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Understanding the customer experience

Our research goal was to understand the experience of purchasing health insurance to identify opportunities and optimise the service for an all-online process.

Following a programme of customer interviews, usability testing, experience mapping and competitor audits, we learned that:

  • There were lots of unfamiliar terminologies  
  • There was a requirement for more simplified steps
  • There was little transparency on pricing
  • There was an overwhelming amount of information during the process of receiving a quote receiving a quote
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Introducing a new subscription model

The competitor review showed us that a subscription model for private Bupa practices would make treatments more affordable for customers. We learned that practice pages should be tailored so that users would visit them directly rather than navigating their way from the homepage, and that the content should inform customers what health insurance will cost them at suitable levels of cover.

We established a content hierarchy using our Clarity, Trust and Persuasion framework to signpost users to the new subscription model, differentiate it from other care models and help them understand the benefits.

Design of the new Bupa Dental page
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Consistency across brands

We created a fresh new feel for the Bupa Dental, Smiles and Total Orthodontics brands, and aligned core elements such as fonts and core components to the global Bupa brand guidelines.

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