Understand your users

Inspiration and buying don’t happen all in the same place. To properly optimise your customers’ experience we need to understand their whole journey.

By truly understanding their needs, we can help drive more value by experimenting with new layouts, calls to action and service propositions.

We help you...

Increase your revenue

We’ll look at your web data and research your customers’ behaviour to spot areas of opportunity and growth. By continually reviewing data and receiving feedback from users, we can keep experimenting with the aim to improve customer experience as well as your bottom line. 

Understand your customers

We’ll conduct insightful qualitative and quantitative user research into your target customers, understanding their needs, goals, behaviours, and pain points. Armed with this insight, together we will design answers that stimulate growth.

Visualise and optimise your experience

Customer platforms are complex and it’s easy to get lost in the data. We’ll create a research framework that makes it easier for you to prioritise the right actions that drive a commercial outcome and supports your customers’ needs. 

Create a culture of research & experimentation

We’ll help you educate the teams and your leadership of the benefits of this agile approach. Our methods are yours to keep, and by ‘coaching by doing’ and can leave your team self-sufficient over time if you wish.

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Let's get started

Whether you are new to research and experimentation, or you have a mature approach to continual improvement, here are three exciting ways we can get started. 

Usability testing

4 weeks

We’ll usability test your prototypes, digital products, or lo-fi designs in our on-site UX lab and advise you on how to improve them.

Experience research

10 - 12 weeks

We’ll gain an understanding of the landscape, your business objectives and how your users engage with your product or service before making a list of assumptions to validate. 

Research & experimentation programme

12 months +

We’ll help you learn how customers interact with, and improve your entire digital product or customer experience. 

Helping to experiment and optimise

Regardless of your product development roadmap, experimentation is a crucial research method to validate ideas with real customers, discovering their real motivations and triggers. 


Speak to our Head of UX, Jess, about how we can help you understand your customers’ needs and arm you with insights to grow your bottom line.

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Jess Sherratt

Head of UX