Build sustainable, agile business systems

We’re a trusted technology partner to our partners and can work in a number of different ways to suit your in-house software and web development capabilities.

We’ll help you set a clear technical direction and build a digital platform that gives you more control of the things that matter.

Properly crafted software that’s engineered to last.


Available independently, or as part of full scale product development

  1. High-quality software engineering, front-end development and agile testing
  2. Technical diligence processes
  3. Technical roadmaps and North Star Architecture for your products
  4. Cloud hosting and DevOps within Azure and AWS. This includes infrastructure design, optimisation, monitoring, alerting and service management
  5. Agile leadership and technical mentoring to empower your in-house teams

Our work

Implementing a business-changing platform for Oxfam

Design Product Strategy Transformation

Creating a luxury shopping experience for Bentley

Ecommerce Product Strategy

How we do it

We apply a modern engineering approach using techniques like Test Driven Development (TDD) and high levels of automation. This ensures software is always in a releasable state, and is constantly adaptable, so value can be delivered quickly and in the most efficient way possible.

We take a Product Thinking approach to our work. This means we:

1. Do the right thing

We do the things which deliver the most value or uplift soonest. And, unlike most conversion rate optimisation agencies, we’re tool agnostic. We work with the tool that best suits you. Others shoehorn your website optimisation programme into an unsuitable tool that suits them.

2. Do it the right way

We’re user-centric and we’re scientific. First, we analyse your web analytics data and your customers’ behaviour. Then, we create hypotheses for improving your site’s performance.

Finally, we test those hypotheses by running design experiments on your site. Data drives everything we do.

3. Do it together

Websites can suffer from a lack of coordination and a narrow range of viewpoints. A marketer makes one change, an agency makes another and before too long, it’s a mess. Code takes a different approach.

Our conversion optimisation consultants form part of our multidisciplinary teams, which act as an extension of your team. Our design decisions are therefore based on a diverse range of perspectives and expertise, rather than one person’s opinion. This leads to far better results.


Data Analytics

Why Code?



We’re ethical in the way we communicate about problems and solutions. Lots of agencies simply sell the same solution each time – tech first, low cost, low engineering quality. We enable your business to become adaptable by giving you long-term, strategic technical solutions.



We won’t knock out a cheap CMS website which leaves you needing to go back to the market in two years’ time looking for a new website. We provide sustainable solutions which reduce the risk of repetitive boom and bust cycles.



We connect CMOs and CTOs, and improve your internal capabilities, so you can make more informed decisions about the long-term benefits of architecting and engineering your technology platforms.



We engineer, we don’t just build.  Our coding standards ensure our products are secure, robust, scalable and adaptable.  Not many engineering houses can claim this.

Technical partners to ambitious digital businesses

Whether we’re supporting on technical north star and architecture, or helping with the user experience, we’ve worked with brilliant businesses creating world class digital products.


Is your technology slowing you down, complex, hard to change or not understood across the business?

Speak to our Technical Director, Dave, about how we could help solve your biggest tech challenges. 

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Dave Heath

Technical Director