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Software engineering and web development

We offer cutting-edge software engineering and web development services, using modern, lean engineering principles.

Technical services we offer include:

  1. High-quality software engineering, front-end development and agile testing
  2. Technical diligence processes
  3. Technical roadmaps and North Star Architecture for your products
  4. Cloud hosting and DevOps within Azure and AWS. This includes infrastructure design, optimisation, monitoring, alerting and service management
  5. Agile leadership and technical mentoring to empower your in-house teams

Let’s talk engineering and development

Why you need it

We’re a trusted technology partner to our clients and can work in a number of different ways to suit your in-house software and web development capabilities. For some clients, we manage and develop their entire digital estate. For others, we supplement their existing in-house teams, improving their capabilities and helping them go faster by providing additional development expertise, resources and coaching.

How we do it

We apply a modern engineering approach using techniques like Test Driven Development (TDD) and high levels of automation. This ensures software is always in a releasable state, and is constantly adaptable, so value can be delivered quickly and in the most efficient way possible. This approach means we:

  • Do the right thing – Very often, businesses receive bad advice about their digital platforms. Although they think an agency is giving them strategic solutions for a low price, in reality they are often being sold cheap, tactical solutions. This can mean they get stuck with an unsuitable CMS or technical solution that can’t be easily adapted once their business grows and their requirements change.

    For every CMS upgrade or system update, costs exponentially increase, delivery takes longer, and unexpected live bugs and issues occur. Eventually, the cost of ownership and cost of change becomes unmanageable. With poor platform stability, and a strained agency relationship, the business has to re-tender for a new website. And the cycle repeats.

    But it doesn’t have to be that way.

    Here at Code, we focus on the problem first, not the solution or technology first. We then find the right technology to solve that problem. We don’t prescribe technology like others do.

    We’re happy to work in Contentful, Sitecore, Umbraco and other content management systems, but the way we use them will stop this ‘build and bust’ mentality or cycle that is all too common. We are technically agnostic, but favour market-leading technologies, services and software languages that are best suited to solving isolated or discreet problems.

    Software and Engineering

  • Do the thing right

    We use modern engineering principles to create adaptable software that reliably underpins your digital offering for the long term. We do this using Decoupled Architectural Design (or loosely coupled microservices), Test Driven Development (TDD) and high levels of automation throughout our development and production processes into Azure & AWS hosting/subscriptions.

    We specialise in strategic technical solutions which reach across an organisation’s tech landscape and across your customer wider touchpoints. In other words, we can solve technical problems far beyond things like your website.

    Our software engineers, front-end developers, DevOps specialists and agile testers are also recognised as leaders in their field of discipline. We run, attend and speak at events across the North West. These include Manchester Fred, XP Manchester, Code Up Manchester, North West Testers Gathering, Manchester Tech-3, and more.

  • Do it together – Our product teams have multiple software engineers, front-end developers and agile testers who sit alongside conversion rate optimisation, editorial and UX & design experts. Our product team culture gives the team and individuals product accountability and risk management responsibility. The same team work on your product every day, which means no software shortcuts are taken and high code quality is maintained. Our teams commit to delivering outcomes in small, iterative cycles. We don’t just fill a place in your team, working to a day rate.

    If your business has in-house capabilities, we can pair, coach and pass on our high standards of software engineering, development, agile testing and DevOps to your team - making them self-reliant and high performing.

    The more Product Team skills you embrace to gather insights, identify problems, test hypothesis and deliver iterative, sustainable and adaptable products, the more you are doing the right thing, doing the thing right and doing it together. We call this ‘Product Thinking’.

Data Analytics

Choose Code because…

  1. We’re ethical in the way we communicate about problems and solutions. Lots of agencies simply sell the same solution each time – tech first, low cost, low engineering quality. We enable your business to become adaptable by giving you long-term, strategic technical solutions.
  2. We won’t knock out a £100k CMS website which leaves you needing to go back to the market in two years’ time looking for a new website. We provide sustainable solutions which reduce the risk of repetitive boom and bust cycles.
  3. We connect CMOs and CTOs, and improve your internal capabilities, so you can make more informed decisions about the long-term benefits of architecting and engineering your technology platforms.
  4. We engineer, we don’t just build.

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