Make your digital ambitions a reality

When next week is hard to predict, thinking 3-5 years ahead can feel absurd. But having a sense of direction and clarity is even more valuable in a volatile world.

Together we’ll work out what’s most valuable for you, use customer insight to create a strategy that aligns with your business objectives and give your product or service purpose. 

First, a question.

How do your products and services deliver value for your business?

If you already know this off by heart, you can stop here.

If you’re unsure how to describe your digital strategy, stick with us…

A digital strategy helps you...

Make it real

A digital strategy articulates where you’re going, underpins your business objectives and inspires people to make it real. 

We’ll work with you to understand where your business is now and define a roadmap that’s designed to flex and adapt.

Drive business change

If your business is changing or going through digital transformation, we can help you visualise how your products and services will adapt to support business change.

Give your teams direction

We’ll work with you to understand what pragmatic steps are needed to achieve your ambitions and give your teams the direction they need to deliver it.

Measure success

We’ll embed a measurement framework that visualises what success looks like, how it’s measured and tracks the success of your strategy against your business objectives as you go on your journey.

Our work

Manchester Airport Group

Optimisation Product Transformation


Design Product Strategy Transformation

Partner to ambitious digital businesses

Whether it’s a short-term tactical engagement or a more permanent product partnership, we’ll form a small dedicated team around your needs. 

The word “client” feels a bit weird to us – when we say we work together with you, we really mean it.



Why choose Code?

We’re hands on

We spend time working on the business case to understand the goals of your organisation.

As well as working with you on a strategic level, we understand what delivering new products and services practically costs and how to deliver new experiences that see the greatest commercial returns. 

We’re human-centred

Your customer’s behaviour is always changing.

By researching their landscape from human, business and technology angles, we use data-driven insight to fuel our strategic thinking which makes us the ideal partner for forward-thinking organisations.

We augment around you

Our multidisciplinary teams work best when they are able to augment around your people.

We work together to define the problems and deliver the solutions we need to succeed. Working together allows us to coach by doing – leaving you more self-sufficient as we go.


Speak to our Business Director, Steve, about your digital challenges and ambitions.

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Steve Peters

Business Director