Build with Contentful

Contentful is a content management system that gives users the tools they need to create, manage and publish their content.

As a Contentful partner, we only recommend Contentful to our client partners in the selection of a modern, scalable Content-as-a-Service (CAAS) content management system.

Why Contentful?

Contentful provides a user-friendly content hub for content management, and a powerful API meaning editors and developers can use it in harmony with any programming language.

Contentful is our primary CAAS platform, and we’ve helped many of our partners manage their digital experiences using it. 

We’re specialists not only from an engineering perspective, but in the application of Contentful within a product team where designing the right things to achieve the outcome for our clients need is more important than the technologies we choose.

We can help you understand:

  1. How to include Contentful into your existing technology system
  2. How to use application strangulation methods to replace your old CMS with Contentful in valuable slices
  3. Train and educate your internal engineering and design teams to be self-sufficient using and applying Contentful if appropriate

Let's get started

The process never starts with choosing a technology.

It starts with understanding the challenges and opportunities your organisation has, and then creating new ways to deliver against them.

Here are a few ways we can get started: 

Technical Diligence

Often we will co-deliver a technical due diligence – a health-check of the various systems and tools you already have – to assess what the implications for delivering new experiences might look like.

Usability testing

We also perform usability testing to hear from customers and users what they want from you. We co-design the ideal customer experience to deliver against that customer need.

Choosing Contentful

Finally we consider where and how Contentful might be able to help; and the best course for integration.

Our work

Creating a vibrant digital experience for Bruntwood

Design Product Strategy


Is your technology slowing you down, complex, difficult to manage and not understood across your business? 

Speak to our Technical Director, Dave. With no salespeople, you always get to talk straight to one of our discipline leaders.

Dave Heath

Technology Director