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How to approach growth differently in 2021

16th December

Customer behaviour and expectations have been turned on their head. Due to this change, we are looking more closely at how we research, experiment and measure change to help businesses make informed decisions on their path to growth. Learn how research can help you understand the full journey better and identify growth opportunities.

We’ll share how you can use research to understand the full customer journey, the challenges and the opportunities across your whole service. Once we understand where to focus, we’ll look at some practical examples of how to innovate and experiment to learn and generate growth.

Getting these things right is our best route to achieve business and product growth in 2021.


  • Welcome/Intro
  • Customer behaviour is changing faster than ever
  • Research methods
  • An in-depth look at our work with Park Christmas Savings
  • 4 types of experiments we should run for growth
  • Q&A

The Speakers

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Jess Sherratt
Head of UX

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