Using design sprints to drive product innovation

March 29, 2018

Companies all over the world are constantly searching for new ideas ‚ but that's really just the easy bit. The real challenge is delivery. Tom Bradley, Design Director at Code Computerlove, recently spoke at Mobile Marketing's Brand Summit about how design sprints can be used to drive product innovation. Here is a summary of his talk along with the slides.

We've found that the old ways of working lack the necessary collaboration. People create lists of requirements, wireframe specifications covering every detail and static pictures of how the final product should work. This leads to misunderstandings and endless unproductive and frustrating conversations, which in turn means that assumptions about what audiences really need are taken into production. You don't find out until it's too late. Prototyping can help, but even then long cycle times between making something and testing means things can change faster than you can learn.

Using design sprints to drive product innovation. from Code Computerlove

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