Introducing the new SEO version of The Higher Lower Game

December 13, 2018

Did you know that Google‚ which, of course, provides all the search volume data that drives [The Higher Lower Game]‚ is celebrating its 19th birthday on 27th September?  

To celebrate, we've created a brand new 'SEO Edition' of the Higher Lower Game, aimed at those who've made a career out of trying to crack the world's biggest search engine.  

We're challenging all those keyword geniuses out there to put their search-senses to the test, guessing which SEO-related terms get Googled the most.  

There are also some nostalgic nods to how search engine optimisation has changed through the years, and a few surprises along the way‚ can you believe Meta Keywords‚ still gets 14,800 searches a month?!

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