Introducing our very own beer

July 19, 2018

We refer to the last hour of the working week when we come together and grab a drink as 'Gin Friday'‚ but, to be honest, it's beer that goes down best with thirsty Computerlovers.  

Now, we're taking our love of ale a step further by launching our very own Code-branded bevvy, Shame, which we've created in conjunction with Altrincham brewery, Stubborn Mule](

We voted Stubborn Mule's pale ale our favourite in a blind taste test of various beers, and it's now been bottled up and branded with an extra-special Code-designed label.  We'll not only be serving Shame up at the aforementioned 'Gin Friday', but also at the various meet ups we host in our dedicated event space. But what's with that name?  

'Shame' is a long- established tradition within the agency. On the bottle we explain it as the feeling of absolute disgrace and dishonour when you let yourself and your team down by not getting to your desk by 11am the morning after a Code Computerlove night out.  A 'Shame' ceremony ‚ where the guilty party dons a pinny and has to undertake an office-wide brew round while Dolly Parton's 9 to 5‚ plays repeatedly over the office sound system‚ generally occurs after industry awards ‚ where celebrations have carried on until the early hours.  

The idea behind 'Shame' is also something that reflects our agency culture of supporting each other, our commitment to not letting the team down, and, perhaps most importantly, our sense of fun.  Look out for Shame next time you pay us a visit.

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